Perfect Crust UK


Jeff at Simple Simons Pizza

It’s simple, these liners really work. I did the 30 minute challenge before purchasing any liners and that was enough to convince me it was a good product. I’ve had several customers call after receiving their pizza delivery and tell me how hot their pizza was and couldn’t believe how much difference the pizza liner made. It’s nice to know that my customers are getting hot pizza with no complaints.

Ira at Papa Dan’s – Palm Desert, California

We have been testing it (Perfect Crust) with the samples you sent and yes, they truly do work. We actually made the greasiest, wettest pizza we could, put your product in the box with the pie and put it into one of our warmers for almost 6 hours and the bottom of the box and pizza were still dry; VERY IMPRESSIVE!

Daddio’s Pizzeria – Alberta Canada

We were so impressed with Perfect Crust that we bought a year’s supply all at once. We have gotten very positive feedback from our customers. An added bonus to using these liners is the compact storage. A year’s supply of 10″ liners takes the same space as 2 months’ worth of the liners I was using before.

Marty Davis – Michelangelo’s Masterpizzas – Minneapolis, Minnesota

After going through just about everything in the dictionary to use as box liner for our pizzas, Perfect Crust gave us exactly what we needed. These liners are perfectly suited for my restaurant and I’m going to stick with them for as long as they’ll let me.

Frank Mento @ Pizza Corner – Honolulu, Hawaii

The Perfect Crust Liner is amazing. I have customers calling me to ask how our crust is still so crisp after a day. It works even better than advertised. I will be a loyal customer for as long as I am in the pizza business. Thank you very much.

Brown Dog Pizza – Telluride, Colorado

I have no control over what happens after to-go pizzas leave my restaurant. Perfect Crust gives me peace of mind by sealing the flavors of my pizza crust and prolong its crispiness.

Ed Barnett, Co-Founder – Pizza L’Vino – Houston,Texas

I had been using Perfect Crust liners since we opened almost a year ago. In our delivery / carryout only pizza store, all our pizzas end up in boxes to be eaten 30 – 45 minutes after coming out of the oven. Your liners were doing a great job in keeping our pizzas crisp and dry, yet I mistakenly tried to cut my costs by going to a corrugated pad instead of Perfect Crust pizza liners. We have a super quality pizza, using Grande mozzarella and Stanislaus tomato products among other very high quality, expensive ingredients, yet I was trying to cut my costs on packaging. Until the other day when I got a call from TWO different customers lamenting on how disappointed they were to find that I had switched to a corrugated cardboard pad and how much of a difference they noticed in the crispness of their delivered pizzas. So, even though my costs are an extra 4 cents per pizza to use your Perfect Crust pizza liners, my customers noticed a difference and I am running back to your fabulous liners. Thanks for a great product…and how it helps to differentiate us from the crowd.

Eric the Pizza Man – Pizza Man – Stillwater, Minnesota

I use Perfect Crust Single slice Pizza liners in my pizza by the slice boxes; they keep the pizza from sticking to the box and keep the slice fresh. I have used thousands of these with great success, I highly recommend them.”

Cindy – Southern Kansas Area Manager – Performance Foodservice of Springfield, Missouri

Just wanted you to know that I’ve taken these liners to all my Southwest Kansas customers with amazing results! Two different accounts have told me of their success. One said that she has customers that have been coming to her restaurant for years and can’t believe they haven’t changed the recipe. The pizza is so much fresher and crisper, and lasts for hours after they bring it home. One even said when she had a piece the next morning; it was still crispy and fresh tasting. They love the fact that they can cut right on the liner. This makes it so easy for the staff to slide the pizza into the box. My customer in Liberal is so impressed that he is now serving the pizza at his tables too! He puts the liner on the aluminum pan that they serve from because it helps maintain the integrity of the pie throughout the whole meal. If the customer has any pizza left they just slide the liner (pizza and all) into a to-go box. Just thought you would like to hear our successes!

Shelly Stockton at Smittys Pizza, Shreveport, Louisiana

Since we ordered and have been using your pizza liners we have had no complaints and no one has questioned our change to a different liner either. I’m assuming that is because everyone including the staff love yours better! They absorb more, take up less room, come in many sizes and finally we saved a few pennies changing to your product! I just wish I had found out about you sooner. Just so you know, I read every issue of PMQ that I get and that is where I discovered your advertisement. The rest is history!

Laura Ambrose, Co-Owner of Woodstock Pizza in California

The old wax paper liners were notorious for sticking to the bottom of the pizzas, especially for large group orders where the pizzas were transported in large pizza hot bags. These liners keep the pizza crisp, never break down, and provide a much better overall experience for our customers. Not only that, but we now use considerably less space to store them as compared with the ridged, corrugated liners. Great product!